SQL Diagnostic Manager provides the following new features and fixed issues.

12.2 New Features

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager offers a brand-new browser interface framework, called SQLDM Web Console, offering:
    • Highly responsive user experience.
    • Light Mode and Dark Mode options.
    • Context-Aware Interface for Mobile and Tablet support.
    • Simplified single-product focus built on a common design but not sharing on a single product.
    • Flexible design to easily update third-party components.
    • Consolidated interface gathering together SQLDM Mobile, SQLDM IDERA Dashboard, and Windows Client. 

IDERA Dasboard support

The prior browser interface for SQL Diagnostic Manager in IDERA Dashboard will continue to be supported in addition to the new SQLDM browser interface.  However, it is no longer part of the SQL Diagnostic Manager installation or the preferred browser interface for SQL Diagnostic Manager.  If you wish to continue using IDERA Dashboard, you can install it separately and manually register SQL Diagnostic Manager.

12.2 Fixed Issues


SQLDM-31830 The Top Servers by Percent Usage report correctly displays CPU SQL Usage (Percent) values.

SQLDM-31668  SQL Diagnostic Manager now successfully exports the Plan XML (Estimated) report from the Event Occurrences detail view.

SQLDM-31663  The Server Uptime report pops up a "Select SQL Server" message when you do not select a server, otherwise, it works as expected.

SQLDM-31639  SQL Diagnostic Manager correctly gathers, stores, and reports Database Statistics.

SQLDM-31543 SQL Diagnostic Manager 12.2 correctly generates the Enterprise Summary reports including the SQL Server version of your instances.

SQLDM-31452  The Database Growth Forecast report is correctly generated.

SQLDM-30663  The Disk Space History report correctly lists the disk available on the monitored instances.

SQLDM-30657  The Disk Space History report is correctly generated for seven, 15, and 30 days.

SQLDM-30497  The Transaction Log statistics successfully return historical data.


SQLDM-31924 SQL Diagnostic Manager 12.2 correctly triggers email notifications for Database Full (Percent) and Filegroup Full Space (Percent) alerts.

SQLDM-31848  SQL Diagnostic Manager 12.2 successfully triggers email notifications for Log Full (Percent) alerts.

SQLDM-31791  The Blocked Sessions alert is successfully triggered in the configured response alert time.

SQLDM-31721  SQL Diagnostic Manager successfully triggers the Unsubscribed Transactions (Seconds) alert once is configured and enabled.

SQLDM-31676 The CPU Statistics report correctly shows trends for CPU usage, displaying the correct values for the CPUActivityPercentange alert. 

SQLDM-31654 SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to clear the recommendation alerts from the Alert Recommendation window until it raises again.

SQLDM-31501 SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to snooze operational alerts but not clear them from recommendations.

SQLDM-31251  The Alert Configuration timeout value has been changed to get better performance.

SQLDM-31147  SQL Diagnostic Manager now correctly generates Blocking alerts and reports.

SQLDM-31045  SQL Diagnostic Manager correctly excludes databases from the Days Since Last Backup metric when exclusions are defined.

SQLDM-31004  SQL Diagnostic Manager correctly monitors the status of the DTC service.

SQLDM-29420  SQL Diagnostic Manager dismisses Availability Group Role Change alerts correctly.


SQLDM-31601 SQL Diagnostic Manager no longer generates the "Unhandled exception: SplitterDistance must be between Panel1MinSize and Width - Panel2MinSize" when using the desktop client under certain screen resolutions.

DM Console

SQLDM-32041  Users can now successfully add an existing user from one cluster to another while maintaining the original security settings.

SQLDM-32029  SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to correctly check the licensed SQL Server instances in the Manage Servers window.

SQLDM-32015  SQL Diagnostic Manager console works as expected with more than 100 servers registered.

SQLDM-31967  SQL Diagnostic Manager can now successfully enable/disable Maintenance modes using Tags.

SQLDM-31950  The Tags view displays data with more than 100 created tags.

SQLDM-31833  The Add Server Wizard now saves the Query Monitor settings when the SQL Server instance is added.

SQLDM-31819  SQL Diagnostic Manager 12.2 successfully connects to monitored SQL servers after the KB5004442 Microsoft patch has been applied.

SQLDM-31709  The SQL Diagnostic Manager Management Service no longer crashes when there are more than one SNMP action provider configured.

SQLDM-31469  SQL Diagnostic Manager 12.2 response time has been improved.

SQLDM-31257  SQL Diagnostic Manager's recommendation engine has been updated to include additional recommendations found in SQL Doctor.

SQLDM-31012  The SQL Diagnostic Manager repository database now supports 2012 and higher compatibility levels.

SQLDM-28750  SQL Diagnostic Manager correctly displays the session status of ROLLBACK after a session is killed.


SQLDM-30895  SQL Diagnostic Manager now successfully displays Disk Activity information for cluster shared volume drives (CSVFS) databases.


SQLDM-31457 SQL Diagnostic Manager correctly populates the list of mount points on the monitored instances.


SQLDM-31554  You can now successfully perform the Analysis Status of Azure instances.


SQLDM-31588  SQL Diagnostic Manager services perform successfully, making it possible that the Aggregation and Grooming jobs to work as expected.

High Availability Groups

SQLDM-31972 The Long Send Rate (KB/s) metric now works as expected in High Availability Groups.

SQLDM-30194 The Availability Group History browser successfully displays the replica role status on particular instances.


SQLDM-31623 The user can successfully add a new user after upgrading SQL Diagnostic Manager. 


SQLDM-32052  SQL Diagnostic Manager no longer generates sys.availability_group_listeners  errors when monitoring Azure SQL Databases.

SQLDM-31474  Forecast alerts are successfully generated for Azure Manage Instance and Azure SQL Databases.


SQLDM-31946  SQL Diagnostic Manager correctly reports the correct values for the SQL Server Usage (Percent) metric.

SQLDM-31556  SQL Memory Usage metric correctly calculates the percentage of the total memory used by Azure SQL servers.

SQLDM-31298  SQL Server Agent Long Running Job (Percent) metric now provides the correct value.


SQLDM-31965  SQL Diagnostic Manager correctly associates query data to the correct monitored instance.

SQLDM-31846  SQL Diagnostic Manager successfully gathers query data through Query Monitor on instances containing databases that have a trailing space in the database name.

SQLDM-31552  SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to successfully refresh your data in any Query View.

SQLDM-31365  Users can now successfully configure the Query monitoring on any environment.

SQLDM-30967  SQL Diagnostic Manager successfully provides Query Plans. You can fetch them by clicking on the green icons of the Detail column of the Event Occurrences table.

History Browser

SQLDM-30840.  History Browser successfully changes the custom settings when moved to other servers.