The Query Waits view displays the queries on your SQL Server instance with the longest wait times. By default, the chart at the bottom of the view displays the query waits over time and allows you to further investigate based on Statements, Applications, Databases, Clients, Sessions, and Users.

By analyzing these waits you can better determine where your biggest bottlenecks are occurring and what changes could potentially have the biggest performance boost on your SQL Server instance.

You can select to view query waits as the waits appear over time or by duration of the wait, color coded by query. The chart includes each of the following wait type categories: Backup, I/O, Lock, Memory, Non-I/O Page Latch, Non-Page Latch, Transaction Log, and Other.   

Access the Query Waits view

To pen the Query Waits view of the SQL Diagnostic Manager Queries tab, select the appropriate SQL Server instance, select Queries, and click Query Waits.

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