The Add Job Filter or Edit Job Filter window allows you to create or edit a filter to determine when you want a SQL Server Agent job condition to raise an alert.

Access the add or edit job filters

To access the Add Job Filter or Edit Job Filter window:

  1. Right-click a SQL Server instance in the Servers tree.
  2. Select Configure Alerts.
  3. Select one of the following alerts:
    • SQL Server Agent Job Completion

    • SQL Server Agent Job Failure

    • SQL Server Agent Long Running Job (Minutes)

    • SQL Server Agent Long Running Job (Percent)

  4. Click Advanced, and select Job Filters.
  5. Click Add or Edit in either the Include or Exclude list.

Use the Job Filters tab

The Job Filters tab allows you to include or exclude a job by job category, name, or step name if you check Alert on individual job steps .

To add a job filter:

  1. Select Like or Equals in the Operator drop-down window for either the Job Category, Job Name, or Step Name field.
  2. Enter the value to filter the job for in the Value field or click the Browse button to browse for the object you want to filter.

    Use the percent symbol (%) as a Wildcard.

  3. Click OK.

    The Browse button is only available when adding or editing job step filters for a single SQL Server instance.

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