The Value Configuration window allows you to select whether you receive an alert for a particular event based on the selected level for that event. For example, if you select the Critical alert level for Offline for Database Status, you receive a Critical Level alert if the Database is ever offline. The alerts are available as shown in the following image.

Alert Level


The selected metric is in an OK state.

The selected metric is in an Informational state.

The selected metric is in a Warning state.

The selected metric is in a Critical state.

Access the Value Configuration window

SQL Diagnostic Manager displays the Value Configuration window when you attempt to edit values for certain metrics.

To access the Value Configuration window:

  1. Right-click a monitored SQL Server instance, and then select Configure Alerts.
  2. In the Alert configuration window, select one of the following metrics:

      • Database Status
      • Mirroring Status
      • OS Metrics Collection Status
      • DTC Status
      • Full-Text Search Status
      • SQL Server Agent Status
      • SQL Server Status
      • SQL Server Agent Job Completion
      • Host Power State
      • VM Power State
  3. Click Edit.

About informational alerts

Informational alerts allow you to set a threshold that, when generated, triggers a status that does not affect the overall status of the server within SQL Diagnostic Manager. You can use informational alerts to notify an administrator of the state of a particular metric for a server or trigger secondary processes that could take action to prevent issue escalation.

Note that for certain metrics, using the informational alert means that you no longer receive a warning or critical alert for events generated by that metric. Please review the situation before setting up an informational alert.

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