The Backups & Restores tab allows you to view the backup and restore history of each database on the selected SQL Server instance. You can view the backup and restore history of a database or a group of databases. The history displays in the Backup/Restore History section of the tab. The Backup/Restore section shows the date and time of the backup or restore, the user that initiated it, and the size and path of the backup or restore file.

The Backups and Restores view is a useful way to view the last successful backup, the recovery model used, and the backup history for each of the databases on the SQL Server instance. To see your backup and restore history, click one or multiple databases to populate the Backup and Restore History table.

The default filter setting shows a 31-day history. For less frequently run jobs such as quarterly or annual backups, it may be necessary to increase the Days To Show setting in the Filters window.

Access the Backups & Restores view

To open the Backups & Restores view of the SQL Diagnostic Manager Databases tab, select the appropriate SQL Server instance, click Databases, and select Backups & Restores.

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