In SQL Diagnostic Manager you can run a prescriptive analysis on a specific SQL Server instance to identify and resolve SQL Server performance problems. The analysis engine scans your SQL Server configuration for potential problems and the health of your databases, resulting in a useful set of recommendations for improving performance.

Prescriptive analysis targets some of the most common areas of SQL Server performance problems, such as queries, server configuration, security, database objects, memory, and more. Its easy to work with the interface, it makes this feature accessible to a broad range of users such as the less experienced DBA or the developer in need of testing database performance. 

Access the Analyze tab

SQL Diagnostic Manager provides two paths to access the Analyze tab. The first access path is by selecting the appropriate monitored SQL Server instance, and then clicking the Analyze tab where you can run a regular analysis or a workload analysis. The second access path is by expanding the Servers tree, selecting a specific SQL Server instance, and then clicking Analyze.

In the Analyze tab you can:

Prescriptive analysis uses the best method to collect query data according to the SQL Server version. If your monitored server is SQL Server 2008 or a later version, Extended Events is used in place of SQL Trace.

If you do not wish to run a full analysis of your SQL Server, you can diagnose individual queries. For more information, see Diagnose queries.

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