The Availability Group Statistics report allows users to view the health of their availability groups, availability replicas, and availability databases over a specific time range.

You can filter results by tag, availability group, period, sample, server, and chart type. The report compiles crucial health metrics that include the Redo Rate (KB/sec), Redo Queue Size (KB), Log Send Rate (KB/sec), and Log Send Queue Size (KB).

The Availability Group Statistics report also provides DBAs with a graphical representation of a selected metric and a statistics table with weighted averages for relevant metrics.

For individual details on availability databases per replica, click the expandable command button.

Access the Availability Group Topology report by clicking a specific group link while viewing the Availability Group Statistics report.

When to run this report

You should run the Availability Group Statistics report when you want to analyze the historical health of your availability groups and corresponding components. This report helps you to ensure the highest level of availability by identifying and tracking critical health metrics.

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