The Baseline Statistics report lets you analyze and compare baselines within a single SQL Server instance and across two instances. When viewing baseline statistics for a monitored SQL Server instance, you can compare the baseline metric values at two different times or two different metrics at the same time. Include another instance and you can compare baselines values occurring at the same time or different times.

When to run this report

You should run the Baseline Statistics report when you want to view trends in the average value of a metric for a SQL Server instance and how this value changes over time to help you in capacity planning. This report also provides insight into the utilization of your different instances by comparing the baselines over time.

Report selections change based on the selected Period

The Baseline Statistics report Period indicates the date range for which you want to see results. If you select Today or Custom Range, SQL Diagnostic Manager displays additional fields that allow you to filter results by the start and end hours.

If you select Custom Range as the Period, and the start and end dates are both for the same day, SQL Diagnostic Manager calculates the selection the same as if you select Today as the Period.

How SQL Diagnostic Manager calculates metric values on this report

The baseline values are the most recent calculations for the selected period. Note that the Metric Value is an average of all data for the selected metric. For example, if you select Hours from the Sample drop-down list, the Baselines Statistics report grid includes 24 rows for a single day, one row for each hour from 00:00 to 23:00. Each row displays a metric value which is the average of the selected metric for that hour, such as 05:00 to 05:59:59, and the baseline values which are calculated for the entire 24-hour day. As a result, SQL Diagnostic Manager displays 24 rows of different metric values but equal baseline values.

You can access our Customer Support Portal for more information about the algorithm used to calculate a specific metric.

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