The Monitored SQL Server Properties window allows you to edit the SQL Diagnostic Manager monitoring settings for the registered SQL Server instance. To access the Monitored SQL Server Properties window, right-click a SQL Server instance from the Server tree and select Properties.

The Monitored SQL Server Properties window includes the following tabs:


Displays common properties such as the data collection interval, credentials, and encryption options.

Baseline Configuration

Allows you to set the date range and time used to calculate a performance baseline for the monitored SQL Server instance.

Query Monitor

Allows you to enable or disable query monitoring, and set the options for the Query Monitor.

Activity Monitor

Allows you to enable or disable monitoring of non-query activities, and set the options for the Activity Monitor.


Lets you disable replication statistics collection to conserve system resources.

Table Statistics

Allows you to select the time and days SQL Diagnostic Manager collects table statistics on your SQL Server instance. In addition, you can select the minimum size table needed for SQL Diagnostic Manager to rebuild the index.

Custom Counters

Allows you to link custom counters to the monitored SQL Server instance.  

Maintenance Mode

Allows you to enter the maintenance schedule for your server. This allows you to turn off alerts and notifications for the time periods when you know the server is unavailable.

OS Metrics

Allows you to select how you want your operating system data collected, whether through OLE automation or direct WMI. You can also choose to not collect OS data.

Disk Drives

Allows SQL Diagnostic Manager to alert on disk drives and database space calculations for the monitored SQL Server instance.

Cluster Settings

Lets SQL Diagnostic Manager trigger an alert whenever a cluster is running on a non-preferred node within a clustered environment.

Wait Monitoring

Allows you to collect and view wait statistics in the hopes of diagnosing any bottleneck on your system.


Displays the name of the host server on which the selected monitored SQL Server instance is running.

Analysis Configuration

Allows you to schedule a prescriptive analysis of your monitored SQL Server instance.

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