The Configure Alert Settings window of the Add Custom Counter wizard allows you to configure how SQL Diagnostic Manager uses and monitors your new custom counter information.

Configure Alert Evaluation

This option allows you configure whether lower values are worse than higher values such as the percent of free disk space on a drive, or higher values are worse than lower values such as the percentage of free memory used.

Configure Alert Thresholds

The informational, warning, and critical thresholds you enter dictate the values that trigger alerts. Once configured, you can change these values on the Alert Configuration window.

Access the Add Custom Counter wizard

You can open the Add Custom Counter wizard by clicking Administration > Custom Counters, and then clicking Add in the Custom Counters view.

Configure a custom response when SQL Diagnostic Manager generates an alert

SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to configure when and how alerts generate responses. You can select from the following alert responses (providers):

  • Send an email to a person or group of people
  • Log an event in the Windows Event Log
  • Enable the Query Monitor
  • Execute a program or utility
  • Send an event to your Network Management tool
  • Execute a SQL Agent Job
  • Execute a Script

To configure a custom response when an alert is generated, select Tools > Alert Actions and Responses from the console toolbar.

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