The IDERA Newsfeed Platform leverages the application security settings provided by SQLDM to authenticate users when they log on to the Newsfeed or SQLDM Mobile. You can specify a different authentication provider or change the port that the SQLDM Mobile & Newsfeed Service uses to communicate with the SQLDM Repository database.

By default, the SQLDM Mobile & Newsfeed Service uses port 5166.

To specify new authentication provider settings:

  1. Start the IDERA Newsfeed Platform Manager console, and navigate to the Authentication Provider tab.
  2. Specify the name or IP address of the new host computer for the SQLDM Management Service. By default, the Management Service is installed on the computer where you ran the SQLDM setup program.
  3. Verify that the selected port is open.
  4. To ensure that the SQLDM Mobile & Newsfeed Service can connect to the new host, click Test.
  5. Click Save.

When should I change the authentication provider settings?

You should specify new authentication provider settings when:

  • You have migrated the SQLDM services to another computer.
  • You want the IDERA Newsfeed to publish status updates from a set of SQL Server instances that are monitored by a different SQLDM installation.
  • Your network security configuration has changed and you need to specify a different port.

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