The Alert Filters tab of the Advanced Alert Configuration window allows you to select jobs or job categories to include or exclude from alerting for the specified metric. Filtering allows you to limit the amount of alert noise generated for SQL Server Agent Jobs or Job categories that, for example, are known to run for a long time.

By default, SQL Diagnostic Manager alerts on all Jobs. If you check the Alert on individual job steps box, all job steps generate alerts. Using the Include filter limits job alerts to only those SQL Server Agent Job steps that apply to the filter. The Exclude filter limits the job alerts to every SQL Server Agent Job step except for those included in the Exclude filter.

The metrics that allow for SQL Server Agent Job exclusions include the following:

To filter SQL Server Agent Job alerts:

  1. Open the Alert Configuration window and select the alert you want to configure.
  2. Click Advanced .
  3. Select the Job Filters tab.
  4. Check the Alert on individual job steps box if you would like an alert for each step in each job.
  5. Click the Add button under the Include or Exclude filters.
  6. Enter the Job Name or Job Categories to include or exclude and click OK . Use the percent symbol (%) as a wildcard.
  7. Click OK to apply your changes.

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