After initially installing and setting up the IDERA Newsfeed and SQLDM Mobile, there are several tasks you can perform to further customize and streamline your deployment.

For details on the supported installation scenarios, components and architecture, system requirements, and installation instructions see IDERA Newsfeed and SQLDM Mobile.

To deploy only the Newsfeed, see Install IDERA Newsfeed only.

Suggested configuration workflow

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Ensure each SQLDM application has an owner.

Verify that each SQL Server instance monitored by your SQLDM applications is available through the Newsfeed user interface. The IDERA Newsfeed Platform automatically creates a profile for each monitored instance so that your team can immediately begin following them.

For each server:

  • Ensure it has an owner.
  • Change the default picture to a unique graphic or photo that correlates with the server name or can be easily identified as that server.

Verify that the Repository grooming settings meet your data retention needs.

Available configuration tasks

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