The vCenter Connection Configuration window allows you to add or update connection details for your virtual machine host servers. Complete the access information for the server, and the click Test to make sure you typed the correct access credentials. Click OK after a successful test.

Occasionally, a connection test fails. Make sure you typed accurate information in the appropriate fields, and then click Test. If the test fails again, there may be an issue with the server to which you are trying to connect.

Access the vCenter Connection Configuration window

To access the vCenter Connection Configuration window, first access the VM Configuration window by selecting Tools > VM Configuration, or by clicking VM Configuration from the Manage Servers window. You can also access this window from the Virtualization tab of the Server Properties window. Once in the VM Configuration window, click New.

vCenter Server port requirements

The vCenter Server requires that you open the ports included in the following table. For the most current list of ports, see the VMware Knowledge Base article regarding network port requirements.




Required for direct HTTP connections. Note that this port redirects requests to HTTPS Port 443.


Active Directory Services for the vCenter Server group.


Listens for connection from the vSphere Client, vSphere Web Access Client, and other SDL clients.


SSL port of the local instance for vCenter Linked Mode.

902 (UDP)

Used to send data to managed hosts.


Used by the vSphere Client to display virtual machine consoles.

5989 (TCP)

CIM transaction traffic (Hardware Status).


vCenter Management Webservices HTTP.


Secure connection for vCenter Management Webservices HTTPS.


Used to stream inventory object changes to SDK clients. Firewall rules for this port on the vCenter Server can be set to block all, except from and to localhosts if the clients are installed on the same host as the vCenter Server service.

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