The Database Full (Percent) alert provides the percentage of the allowable disk space for the database currently used by the sum of data, text, and indexes. Allowable disk space for the database is calculated by taking into account the current allocated space, SQL Diagnostic Manager auto-growth settings and available disk space. If this value exceeds 80%, consider replacing disks with bigger disks.

This alert is raised based on the database metrics collection interval specified in Server Properties. For more information, see Set general server options.

Calculate the database full percentage using the autogrow settings

When setting the thresholds for your Database Full (Percent) alert, click Advanced > Autogrow Settings and SQL Diagnostic Manager provides a choice for you to calculate your displayed percentage. Select Yes, alert on the current used size divided by the maximum possible size to take possible autogrowth into consideration when calculating the database full percentage. Select No, alert on the current used size divided by the current file size to calculate the database full percentage based only on the current size of the database disk file.

Create an alert response bundle with the Database Full (Percent) alert and related alerts.  For additional information, see Create alert response bundles.

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