The Database Status alert indicates that the Database Status metric reached an alert status. This status results when the database:

  • Is inaccessible
  • Has an issue with loading, crashed while loading, has not recovered, in recovery, suspect, or in emergency mode
  • Contains databases sizes in the error threshold
  • Contains logs with sizes in the error threshold
  • Contains tables with reorganization needs in the error threshold
  • Is transitioning, loading, being check pointed, set as DBO use only, or in single-user mode

This alert is raised based on the diagnostic data and database metrics collection intervals specified in Server Properties. For more information, see Set general server options.

Reduce the number of database status issues

Navigate to the Summary view on the Database tab of the SQLDM Console. Look for databases that have a critical or warning status and review what the issue is (the problem is highlighted either in yellow or red). You may need to rebuild an index, increase allocated file size, or turn on the autogrowth feature for your database or logs.

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