Database analysis reports provide information on databases that allows you to analyze the current effectiveness of your SQL Servers. Click the links below for more information.

Database Analysis Reports

Top Databases

Use the Top Databases report to identify your worst performing databases.

Database Statistics

Use the Database Statistics report to analyze and compare performance trends across two databases.

Top Database Applications

Use the Top Database Applications report to find database applications that consume system resources.

Mirroring History

Use the Mirroring History report to analyze the event history for a mirrored database.

Top Tables by Growth

Use the Top Tables by Growth report to identify the fastest growing tables.

Top Tables by Fragmentation

Use the Top Tables by Fragmentation report to identify the most fragmented tables.

Tempdb Statistics

Use the Tempdb Statistics report to analyze performance statistics for your tempdb database.

Transaction Log Statistics

Use the Transaction Log Statistics report to analyze the use of your log files.

Availability Group Statistics

Use the Availability Group Statistics report to view the historical health of availability groups, availability replicas, and availability databases.

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