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View the query monitor signature mode

Access the SQL Release Notes

ViewsCapitalizeThe Dashboard view, the Server Configuration Properties view, Details view, Configuration view and Active Alerts view.
ObjectsCapitalize... Deleted but preserved all collected data for the monitored SQL Server.
StatesCapitalize... For each scheduled refresh on a monitored SQL Server instance where any metric severity is Critical and able to query.

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Get ready for your SQL Diagnostic Manager deployment

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 View Use the Change Log to review changes in your SQLdm configuration.

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Aggregated views across multiple SQLdm repositories

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PathBoldOverview > Dashboard
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If your SQL Server environment uses SQL Server Authentication, select the check box and click Change to enter SQL Server credentials.
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c:\Program Files\Idera\SQLdm x64 Installation Kit\x64\SQLDiagnosticManager-x64_c.exe



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SQLdm includes the following metric alerts for your use:

  • Availability Group Estimated Data Loss (Seconds)
  • Availability Group Estimated Recovery time (Seconds)
  • ...

To access the web console:

  1. Open your selected browser, make sure...
  2. Type the SQLdm product URL: ...
  3. ...

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ButtonsUse bold when referring to buttons that initiate commands.Click Install to indicate that you are ready to complete your install with the configurations you specified.
CommandsUse bold when referring to commands.Review and accept the license agreement by clicking I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click Next.

Warning Macro

Use the Warning Macro for important advice that should be taken into account by the user. If the user does not follow this advice then some potential problems could appear.


Uninstalling the Idera Dashboard

 If you wish to uninstall the Idera Dashboard, make sure to delete all registered products.

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Use the Note Macro to give the user advice that will be useful under certain conditions (not always available or critical). A Note Macro is less critical than a warning.


When Application Security is enabled, the only users who have access to SQLdm are those who belong to the sysadmin role on the SQLdm Repository. All other users must be added to SQLdm.

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Use the Tips Macro to give users advice that will help them make processes or tasks more easily.

In larger environments that contain more than one SQLdm installation, consider dedicating a SQLdm Mobile deployment per each SQLdm application.

Panel MacroUse the Panel Macro for examples. Border should be 'dashed'.



Info Macro


Use the Info Macro to inform about some fact that is good for the user´s general knowledge, but that doesn't represent any critical issue.


The Include incomplete queries filter in the Statement Mode view is disabled by default.  If you would like to include data with null values in this view, check this check box in the Filters section of the main query view.

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View How to install the Idera Dashboard and SQLdm.

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View Access the SQLdm Release Notes > See new features in this release.

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SQLdm console supports Operating Systems where FIPS compliance is required

The SQLdm 8.0 console supports operating systems with enabled system cryptography that use FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) complaint algorithms. For more information about FIPS compliance, see the Microsoft document,  FIPS Compliance.

SQL Diagnostic Manager identifies and resolves SQL Server performance problems before they happen. Learn more > >