The CPU tab displays key CPU statistics that are updated according to your refresh interval. These statistics can help you determine the cause to any performance bottlenecks that are occurring on your SQL Server instance. 

Access the CPU view

To open the CPU view of the SQL Diagnostic Manager Resources tab, select the appropriate SQL Server instance, select Resources, and click CPU

CPU tab charts

The following charts are available in the CPU tab: 

CPU Usage

Displays the percentage of a CPU consumed by your SQL Server, virtual machine, and host server. On multi-processor computers, CPU time used by SQL Server is derived from the processors available for use by SQL Server. 

Processor Queue Length

Displays the number of threads in queue for processor time on the computer that hosts the monitored SQL Server instance. 

Processor Time

Displays the percentage of elapsed time that is used by processor executing code in privileged mode. 

Call Rates

Displays the rate of SQL Server batch statements, SQL compiles into procedure cache, and SQL Server recompiles of statements stored in the procedure cache. 

Understanding your chart data and refresh interval

SQL Diagnostic Manager charts provide data whether collected real-time or as part of a scheduled collection event. For additional information about how SQL Diagnostic Manager displays your chart data, see Charts.

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