Before importing the SQLDM Management Pack for SCOM, you must import the relevant Microsoft Windows management packs for your current operating system. For example, if SQL Diagnostic Manager is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2, then you must install the management pack for that OS before continuing.

You can find the SQLDM MP ( in the root of the installation kit.

Configuring your installation to support SCOM

The SQLDM Management Pack requires that the SCOM agent has at least read access to the SQLDM Repository. Grant this access before installing the SQLDM MP and enabling discovery of any SQL Diagnostic Manager installed instances.

SQLDM MP also requires that a SCOM agent (version 2007 or above) be installed locally on each server where an instance of SQL Diagnostic Manager is present. If an agent is not already installed, then use the Discovery Wizard in the SCOM Console to push the agent installation.

Importing the SQLDM Management Pack for SCOM

The SQLDM Management Pack import process loads into the SCOM database the SQLDM MP settings, classes, and rules necessary for monitoring SQL Diagnostic Manager. The import replicates the relevant rules and objects to all systems where SQL Diagnostic Manager is installed.

The following steps help you import the SQLDM Management Pack when it is downloaded to a hard drive local to the SCOM Console. For more information about other methods of importing the Management Pack, see How to Import a Management Pack in Operations Manager 2007.

To import the SQLDM Management Pack:

  1. Open the Operations Console for Operations Manager, and then click the Administration button.
  2. In the Actions pane or from Actions →Actions menu option, click Import Management Packs.
  3. Click Add, and then click Add from disk.
  4. In the Online Catalog Connection dialog, click No. If you did not preload the required OS Management Packs and you have a current Internet connection, click Yes.
  5. Browse for and then select the IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager Management Pack.
  6. Click Install. Discovery of SQL Diagnostic Manager servers and monitored SQL Server instances begins automatically as the Management Pack is deployed to the relevant agents across the network.  

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