The Custom Counters tab allows you to select the metrics you want to explicitly link to the selected SQL Server instance or a group of instances using tags. Note that SQL Diagnostic Manager displays a counter linked through a tag in gray text. You cannot remove this type of counter until you remove the tag from the instance.

Access the Custom Counters tab

You can access the Custom Counters tab of the Monitor SQL Server Properties window by right-clicking the appropriate monitored SQL Server instance, and then selecting Properties. Click Custom Counters when SQL Diagnostic Manager displays the Monitored SQL Server Properties window.

Linking a custom counter

To link a custom counter to a selected monitored SQL Server instance, access the Custom Counters tab for that instance. Select one or more counters in the Available Counters list, and then click Add > to move the counters to the Linked Counters list. Use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select more than one counter. Click Test if you want to test the counters. After your test is complete, click OK.

Testing a linked custom counter

SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to test the selected custom counters against your SQL Server instances. When linking the counter, click Test. Check the box for all custom counters you want to test, and then click Test. SQL Diagnostic Manager indicates that it is running the test, and displays additional information in the Result column when the test is complete. Click Done to exit the Test Custom Counters window. Be sure to click OK after testing the link or SQL Diagnostic Manager does not save your updates.

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