SQL Diagnostic Manager requires a license key. This key allows you to access all SQL Diagnostic Manager features, including the IDERA Newsfeed and SQL Diagnostic Manager Mobile.

Though you can immediately begin using SQL Diagnostic Manager with the included evaluation key, consider updating the evaluation license as soon as possible. A registered license key allows you to unlock the evaluation time and registered instance limits so you can begin using SQL Diagnostic Manager to the fullest extent.

SQL Diagnostic Manager provides an intuitive interface for license key management. You can view the status of your license keys and add licenses to monitor additional instances. Each license allows you to monitor a predetermined number of SQL Server instances.

When you reach your license limit, SQL Diagnostic Manager does not let you add new instances. When your trial period expires, SQL Diagnostic Manager ceases to run.

To open the License Keys window, select Help > Manage Licenses from the Toolbar menu.

If you change the SQL Diagnostic Manager Repository to a different instance, make sure to request a new license key from IDERA Sales as this scenario is not supported.

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