The IDERA Newsfeed allows DBAs and managers to collaborate, share knowledge, and keep close tabs on their most critical SQL Server issues. Using real-time feeds, your team can increase productivity by sharing knowledge and expertise and staying up-to-date on the most recent issues.

Using Newsfeed, you can:

  • Collaborate with team members regardless of where you or they are located.
  • Follow application alerts, server activity, and coworker comments.
  • Provide status updates as the team manages and resolves any issues.

With IDERA Newsfeed, you and your team stay informed, is more productive, and can shorten the time to problem resolution. You can access the Newsfeed user interface from either the SQLDM Console or the SQLDM Mobile Web application.

SQLDM Mobile helps you quickly investigate, diagnose, and correct performance and availability problems from your mobile device. This unique Web-based application, coupled with the IDERA Newsfeed technology, helps you stay productive and connected no matter where you or your servers are located.

With SQLDM Mobile, you can:

  • See your entire SQL Server environment while “on the go”
  • View real-time dashboards to identify problem areas and get current server health
  • Drill down into the details of key performance metrics and alerts
  • Collaborate with team members as issues unfold
  • Use any mobile device or tablet

With SQLDM real-time performance data at your fingertips, you can keep your SQL Server enterprise running smoothly from any location.

Using the SQLDM Mobile & Newsfeed Service, SQLDM publishes status updates for each monitored server. These updates display on the server wall and in your Most Recent feed. You can interact with each update, posting troubleshooting information and brainstorming with coworkers. SQLDM stores all updates and their activity as stories in the SQLDM Mobile Repository.

Next, you can access to the following information on how to start using these services: