IDERA strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your database needs. The following IDERA Solutions have been recently added to the knowledge base at the Customer Service Portal.

ID NumberTitle
4337SQLDM alert, "Session 0 has been blocking other sessions..."
4287Disk Full Percent fires at or near 100% for a disk that still has plenty of space.
4281A SQL Diagnostic Manager with wait type MSQL XP uses constant CPU resources and never finishes on a monitored server.
4088Disk Busy per Disk counter reports 100% when the disk is known to be idle.
3511SQLDM always shows "The SQLDM Collection Service has too many outstanding connections" in the overview pane for a specific server, and SPIDs stall on the audited server.
2286When Upgrading SQL Diagnostic Manager, you receive the error message "The repository is an invalid version."
2109CPU Used, Memory Paging and Disk Queue Length show question marks in the Summary view.
2102What alerting Event Codes are used in SQLDM 5.0 or later?

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