To let you control the information refresh on a particular view, the SQLDM Toolbar includes the Refresh and Pause buttons as shown in the following image.

You can edit the scheduled refresh of your views for more current information. SQL Diagnostic Manager offers the following refresh controls:

Refresh button

The Refresh button tells SQL Diagnostic Manager to immediately collect data and refresh the current Console view. Depending on the view, the refresh could take several seconds to complete. SQL Diagnostic Manager displays the current refresh status in the lower-right corner of the SQLdm Console.

Pause button

The Pause button tells SQL Diagnostic Manager to stop refreshing the console. If you click Pause during a refresh, the pause occurs after the refresh completes. To continue refreshing, click Pause again. Pausing the refresh allows you to maintain the currently-monitored state so you can see what is happening on your SQL Server instance without incoming information overwriting the data. This feature also gives you time to export or print the displayed statistics before retrieving the next data set.

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