You can easily install SQLDM Mobile on any computer that meets or exceeds the following requirements. The SQLDM Mobile installation includes the IDERA Newsfeed technology and these related components:

  • SQLDM Mobile Web application
  • SQLDM Mobile & Newsfeed Service
  • SQLDM Mobile Repository

For more information, review all the SQLDM Mobile components and architecture.

General requirements for all components

All SQLDM Mobile components require Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 or later.

Permission requirements

The SQLDM Mobile and Newsfeed Service account requires the following permissions. By default, setup program assigns the Local System account to the SQLDM Mobile and Newsfeed Service. During install, you can input credentials for a Windows user account or SQL Server login.


Why it's required

Log on as Service

Allows the SQLDM Mobile and Newsfeed Service account to run as a service.

Read and write privileges on the SQLDM Mobile Repository database

Allows the SQLDM Mobile and Newsfeed Service to receive and maintain performance and configuration data in the SQLDM Mobile Repository.

Port requirements

By default, the SQLDM Mobile components use the following ports.

Port Number


Which component uses it



Mail Server

SQLDM Mobile and Newsfeed Service

Allows the SQLDM Mobile and Newsfeed Service to send notification emails.


Web Server hosting the SQLDM Mobile Website

SQLDM Mobile Web application

Allows access to the SQLDM Mobile screens via a mobile device inside or outside your corporate firewall. By default, IIS uses port 80 for the local virtual directory, so check your Web Server settings to pick an appropriate port for SQLDM Mobile. You can specify a different port during install or later when you need to change this configuration.

5166, 5167

Computer running the SQL Diagnostic Manger services

SQL Diagnostic Manager services

Allow communications between SQL Diagnostic Manager and the IDERA Newsfeed Platform for signup and login authentication.


Computer running the SQLDM Mobile and Newsfeed Service

SQLDM Mobile and Newsfeed Service

Allows communications between the IDERA Newsfeed and SQL Diagnostic Manager for server status updates.

Mobile device requirements

You can access SQLDM Mobile on any smart phone or other mobile device that meets these minimum operating system requirements:

  • Android version 2.1 or later
  • iOS version 3.2 or later
  • RIM (BlackBerry OS) version 6.0 or later
  • Windows Phone 7

You can run the SQLDM Mobile Web application in a native browser that supports HTML 5, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Edge Browser. SQLDM Mobile does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.

If you plan to use IE 9 or later to access the SQLDM Mobile Web site, make sure that you disable the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View setting. To change this setting, click Compatibility View Settings on the Tools menu in the IE browser window.

Web server requirements

The SQLDM Mobile Web application requires the following Web Server configuration.

Type of requirement

Minimum value


2.0 GHz


1 GB

Disk space

21 MB

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

Version 7.0 or later
By default, IIS 7 installs with Windows Server 2008. You can enable this role using the native Server Manager.

To successfully run the SQLDM Mobile Web application, make sure that Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 or later is installed. Also, verify the following service roles in IIS are enabled:

    • Management Tools
      • IIS Management Console
    • Web Server
      • Application Development
        • ASP.NET (4.0 or later)
        • ISAPI Extensions
        • ISAPI Filters
        • .NET Extensibility (4.0 or later)
      • Common HTTP Features
        • Default Document
        • Directory Browsing
        • HTTP Errors
        • Static Content
      • Health and Diagnostics
        • HTTP Logging
      • Performance
        • Static Content Compression
      • Security
        • Request Filtering

Repository requirements

You can install the SQLDM Mobile Repository on a computer running the following versions of SQL Server software:

  • SQL Server 2005 and above

Keep in mind that the Repository database and corresponding SQLDM Mobile & Newsfeed Service require 19 MB of disk space.

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