The Select Alert Template and Tags window lets you assign an alert template and tags while you add an instance. Alert templates allow you to configure generic alert settings to apply to your servers or groups of servers. Tags are labels that help you organize server instances into meaningful groups.

To apply an alert template, select the appropriate template from the list. If you do not have an existing custom alert template, you can create an alert template after you add your SQL Server instance, and then apply the template to your server. You may select one or more existing tags from the list, or create new tags by clicking Add Tag.

If you create an instance before creating any custom alert templates, SQL Diagnostic Manager applies the default alert template automatically. You can then create an alert template and apply it to the server once the new template is available.

After selecting your baseline collection, click Next to continue.   

Access the Add Servers wizard

You can open the Add Servers wizard from the SQL Diagnostic Manager Console menu by selecting File > Manage Servers, and then clicking Add in the Manage Servers window. 

Using tags

Tags are customizable to suit your needs. For example, you may want to view only server instances used by a particular department (like Accounting), in a specific location, or by some other method (like SQL Server version).

You can assign multiple tags to each instance so that the instance appears in several different groups.

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