SQL Diagnostic Manager includes a default Dashboard view and multiple designs with installation. If you want to change your view, you can select each panel specifically for a custom view or you can select from existing layouts that you or another user in your environment created. This feature allows you to share designs as templates that each user can use to save, and then apply to their monitored SQL Server instances.

Select an existing design for your Dashboard view

 To use an existing design for your Dashboard view:

  1. Select the appropriate SQL Server instance from the Servers pane.
  2. Click Customize. Notice that you are now in the Dashboard tab. SQL Diagnostic Manager displays this tab when you use the Customize feature.
  3. Click Select a Dashboard.
  4. Scroll through the displayed designs until you find the one you want to use. Click the arrows to scroll through the available designs. Click All Dashboards to view designs other users in your environment created and made available for use. This feature allows you to "share" a design that you find effective.
    Click Select when you find the design you want to use. SQL Diagnostic Manager returns you to the Dashboard Designer using your selected design. You can then save this design to use for this SQL Server instance or click Close Designer to use this design only during this session of the SQL Diagnostic Manager Management Console. For additional information about saving a dashboard design, see Save a dashboard design.

Delete a Dashboard layout

 If you created a layout that you no longer want anyone to use, you can delete that layout from your gallery. Simply click Select a Dashboard, scroll to the layout you want to delete, and then click Delete. You cannot delete any of the layouts supplied with your SQL Diagnostic Manager installation.

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