The Server Inventory report lets you compile a list of SQL Server instances that share up to four different properties, such as the SQL Server version and whether you have a clustered instance.

You can use % as a wildcard in the Search Value field.

When to run this report

Run the Server Inventory report when you need to identify which monitored instances require software or hardware upgrades, or simply want to know how many instances of a SQL Server version are deployed.

Deleted SQL Server instances

When you choose to delete a SQL Server instance, SQL Diagnostic Manager displays the confirmation message, "Would you like to retain the data collected for the selected instance?" When you click Yes , SQL Diagnostic Manager retains data for the instance and includes it in some reports, such as the Server Inventory report.

How SQL Diagnostic Manager calculates metric values on this report

Most values on the Server Inventory report correlate with the related SQL Server metric.
You can access our Customer Support Portal for more information about the algorithm used to calculate a specific metric.

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