Server analysis reports provide information that allows you to analyze the current effectiveness of your SQL Servers. Click the links below for more information.

Server Analysis Reports

Top Servers

Use the Top Servers report to identify your worst performing SQL Servers.

Server Statistics

Use the Server Statistics report to analyze and compare performance trends across two SQL Servers.

Server Inventory 

Use the Server Inventory report to find SQL Servers that share the same properties.

Query Overview

Use the Query Overview report to identify your worst performing queries.

Top Queries

Use the Top Queries report to find queries that are performing poorly or executing too frequently.

Alert History

Use the Alert History report to analyze the alert history for a SQL Server.

Baseline Statistics

Use the Baseline Statistics report to review and compare metric and baseline values across two SQL Server instances.

Query Wait Statistics

Use the Query Wait Statistics report to analyze the different query waits in a SQL Server.


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