The Grooming Options window allows you to schedule and configure SQL Diagnostic Manager Repository grooming. Grooming is the process of deleting metrics stored in the SQL Diagnostic Manager Repository that are older than a given date and time. It is important to groom data from your Repository to optimize the performance of processes such as report generation and data collection.

You can limit the amount of data stored in the SQL Diagnostic Manager Repository by lowering the number of days data is stored. This is particularly important when monitoring a large number of servers or when storing Query information at a low threshold.

Access the Grooming Options window

To open the Grooming Options window, select Tools > Grooming Options from the toolbar menu.

Available Grooming options

You can set the time when SQL Diagnostic Manager grooms the Repository and how many days your metrics, session details and queries, change log data and inactive alerts are saved in the Repository. In addition, you can select how often query data is aggregated and how often that data is groomed from the SQL Diagnostic Manager Repository.

The current grooming status is listed at the bottom of the Grooming Options window.

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