The Customize Counter Definition window of the Add Custom Counter wizard is where you name, assign to a category, and enter a description of your new custom counter. The information entered on the Custom Counter Definition window appears in various places in the SQL Diagnostic Manager interface.

You cannot change the name or category of a counter once you create it.


The name you give your new custom counter is the most important way to distinguish your custom counters. You should give them a name that directly relates to the information monitored. 


The category you assign to your new custom counter is important for organizing your custom counters, if you have many, on the Custom Counters window and on the Alert Configuration window. 


The description you give your custom counter is an important way of distinguishing your custom counters if the name you give them does not provide enough of a difference.

Access the Add Custom Counter wizard

You can open the Add Custom Counter wizard by clicking Administration > Custom Counters, and then clicking Add in the Custom Counters view.

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