In the Views section of the home tab you can see at a glance if there are any problems in your monitored SQL Server instances and drill-down for details. Each view is expandable and information is grouped By Status, By Tags, or by Most Critical Instances. SQL Diagnostic Manager displays this information in the panel to the right.

By Status

In the By Status view you can easily identify the status of your monitored SQL Server instances and take action. 

Instances are grouped as follows:

  • All Instances
  • OK
  • Warning
  • Critical
  • Maintenance Mode

If you select all instances with an OK status in the By Status view, the panel displays information only pertaining to those instances.

By Tags

In the By Tags view, you can view the status of different tags or group of instances, and drill-down to details. For additional information on tags, see Work with tags.

By Most Critical Instances

The Most Critical Instances view lists all the critical SQL servers in your environment and provides links to the single instance dashboard so you can quickly review the issue. The instance with the largest number of alerts shows up at the top of the list. 

If you click any of the listed critical instances, the web console displays the single instance dashboard.

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