With the SQLDM Management Pack, all the key monitors employed by SQL DBAs are now fully visible to System Center Operations Manager operators, synchronizing IT operations and DBA functions and identifying situations that could impact SQL Server availability and performance.

The following table lists the SQL Diagnostic Manager views available within SCOM:

View Name


SQL DM Server Health

This Health view lists all discovered SQL Diagnostic Manager servers in the environment. The health state of each instance is displayed, together with information about the specific SQL Server instance.

SQL Instance Alerts

Displays a list of current Alerts generated when a specific SQL Server instance monitored by SQL Diagnostic Manager has entered an unhealthy state.

SQL Instance Events

This view offers a list of all Alert transitions recorded by SQL Diagnostic Manager for each SQL Server instance which is being monitored. This view provides a complete history of the status of all monitored SQL Server instances.

SQL Instance Health

The Health view displays the current health state of each SQL Server instance monitored by a SQL Diagnostic Manager server.


This view combines the SQL DM Server Health, SQL Instance Health and the SQL Server instance events views into a single pane.

 To access the SQL Diagnostic Manager views available in SCOM:

  1. In the Monitoring pane of the System Center Operations Manager Console, locate the IDERA SQLDM folder.
  2. Expand the tree view by clicking + sign next to SQLDM.

SQL Diagnostic Manager identifies and resolves SQL Server performance problems before they happen. Learn more > >