SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL provides the following new features and fixed issues:

8.7 New Features

No New Features for this version.

8.7 Fixed Issues

  1. In some rare-cases SQL DM displayed connection timeout error in Query Analyzer page.
  2. SQL DM logged error “too many SQL variables” if the Custom SQL Object query returned more than 500 rows
  3. Auto-Refresh interval was not getting set in Threads page.
  4. In Query Analyzer, Sniffer Settings gave console error on saving.
  5. OS metrics monitoring did not work with Aurora instances when the instance was  registered with IP address.
  6. On killing one thread in the Threads page, 2 extra rows got removed.
  7. Default notification subject is changed to SQL DM for MySQL | [$ALERT_TYPE] | [$SERVER_NAME] | [$MSG_DETAILS].
  8. Now separate SNMP traps will be sent for each alertable monitor in one collection. Earlier, a single trap contained all alertable monitors.
  9. When unix_socket plugin is enabled for a user then all the users were listed under the monitor “Accounts without passwords”.
  10. Added more information in the Query Details popup in Query Analyzer.
  11. In pages with multi-server selector, on selecting and deselecting the servers in the selector pop-up, the servers are updated/selected in the server selector field in the background.
  12. In Query Analyzer and Real-Time, the metric value in the UI and in the downloaded CSV report did not match.
  13. In Query Analyzer and Real-Time, column names were different in CSV report as compared to UI.
  14. Diagnostic report showed wrong value for “Read file from” parameter, if log monitoring is disabled.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL agentless and cost-effective performance monitoring for MySQL and MariaDB.
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