Connecting to SQL DM for MySQL

In this section it is assumed that SQL DM for MySQL is installed and running. Connect to it from a browser, start your browser, and enter it following the format: http://host:port

The host can be:

  • An IP address (like "")
  • The host name of the system
  • An alias being read from the local host-file (like localhost). The option Port is where you or your Sys Admin specified when installing SQL DM for MySQL. By default, SQL DM for MySQL UI can be accessed on port 5555.

Managing multiple servers

Single instance of SQL DM for MySQL is capable of monitoring hundreds of MySQL servers. With tagging, you can categorize your servers into logical groups, and avoid clutter.

You can register as many servers as your SQL DM for MySQL license allows. Also, SQL DM for MySQL installations registered with an Unlimited license, can register up to 1000 servers. If you are a customer with 'unlimited' license and want to register more licenses,  please contact us by sending an email to IDERA Support.

The SQL Diagnostic Manager TRIAL installation can register up to 1000 servers.

Registering replicas

SQL DM for MySQL has an option to auto-register slaves. Please refer to Replication Settings in Advanced Settings for more details.

Review the following options to continue with the Registration of your servers:

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL agentless and cost-effective performance monitoring for MySQL and MariaDB.
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