The concept of our debug code is that it 'takes over' from or 'substitutes' the normal windows error dump message. There is no additional code executing in the background and no additional disk operations or anything else that slows down the program.

Whenever a crash occurs, SQLyog prompts a Message Box that gives you an option to save a special dump file. The debug dump does not contain any user data or information about his system. It just captures the internal state of the application at the time of crash. In situations where a crash is not DATA-specific this is all we need to tell the exact line in the code where the crash occurred. In case the error is DATA specific we will of course also need STRUCTURE/DATA and the QUERY (or whatever operation) resulting in the crash.

Whenever you experience a crash, we request that you send the file to us with a brief description of how that happened. You can use the Forums or the Tickets system as you prefer. We will then reply back if more information is needed.

This functionality depends on the dbghelp.dll file shipped with recent Windows versions. The version of that file must be 5.1 (native with Windows XP) or higher (as shipped with Windows 2003 and Vista). The dbghelp.dll file shipped with Windows 2000 won't work, but you can copy the file from a XP-machine or download it from the Internet. It must be copied to the SQLyog installation folder and this copy (and not the native version) will then be used by the system with SQLyog.

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