SQL Safe Backup provides the following new features and fixed issues.

9.2.2 New Features


  • For Restore operations, you can now Prioritize the Operation.

9.2.2 Fixed Issues

Availability Group

  • SQLSAFE-15109 You can change the Database Owner for restored databases in Availability Groups.


  • SQLSAFE-14031 Instances are listed in alphabetical order now.
  • SQLSAFE-13993 You can register instances with the same name in different domains.


  • SQLSAFE-14910 The selected options in the wizard are retained when you click back on the wizard.


  • SQLSAFE-14676 The restore file list provides support for Cloud Storage.

SQL Safe Agent

  • SQLSAFE-14931 The panel Upgrade Status displays now information properly when upgrading the SQL Safe Backup Agent.

SQL Safe Management Console

  • SQLSAFE-15056 The instance status is now displaying the information properly in the SQL Safe Management Console.

9.2.1 New Features


  • Registered instances are now stored centrally for all users.

SQL Safe Agent

  • When upgrading the SQL Safe Agents you can also install the Extended Store Procedure.

SQL Safe Backup Operations

  • Users can perform SQL Safe Backup operations on online and offline databases. Offline databases are shown as 'Skipped' in the Status column of the Operation History panel.

9.2.1 Fixed Issues

Availability Group

  • SQLSAFE-14897 Full (copy-only) backups are running normally on secondary replicas when the backup preference is set to "Prefer Secondary".
  • SQLSAFE-14976 The Mass Agent Upgrade option works properly using AG Listener and AG Cluster nodes.
  • SQLSAFE-14906 Users can now apply changes to policies involved with Failover Cluster Instances.

Virtual Database

  • SQLSAFE-14365 The issue of restoring virtual databases is solved now.

9.2 New Features

Amazon S3

  • The On-Premise storage option is now available when performing backup operations.


  • Users can now move their registered instances from the User Preferences to the SQL Safe Repository.


  • Users can now Import / Export their policies.

9.2 Fixed Issues

Amazon S3 Cloud

  • SQLSAFE-14621 Restore operations are performed successfully on Amazon Cloud Storage.

Availability Group

  • SQLSAFE-14534 The License Key Manager and Repository and Management Service Settings are now identifying and displaying properly the Availability Group Listener Name registered at installation.
  • SQLSAFE-14850 There are no delays when performing simultaneous Backup operations on Availability Group instances.
  • SQLSAFE-14852 The SQL Safe Agent is running properly on the Availability Group listener.

Azure Cloud

  • SQLSAFE-14704 Restore operations are working properly on Azure Blob Storage.


  • SQLSAFE-14820 The Backup time and compression on TDE-enabled databases are working properly.
  • SQLSAFE-14866 Information about Pre/Post Backup commands is displayed now in the Option section of the Summary tab.
  • SQLSAFE-14006 There is no FileStream error message for any Backup operations performed for any databases.
  • SQLSAFE-14684 The Mount VDB and Object Level Recovery operations are now working properly for Differential Backups.


  • SQLSAFE-14328 The Location Path is not altered when changing a Policy compression type.
  • SQLSAFE-14840 Users can now edit successfully existing policies.

SQL Safe Backup/Restore

  • SQLSAFE-14699 Users can now perform Backup and Restore operations of more than one backup file from multiple locations.
  • SQLSAFE-13044 Backup and Restore operations are successful with SQL Server Multi-Subnet Clustering.

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