SQL Safe Backup provides the following new features and fixed issues.

9.2 New Features

Amazon S3

  • The On-Premise storage option is now available when performing backup operations.


  • Users can now move their registered instances from the User Preferences to the SQL Safe Repository.


  • Users can now Import / Export their policies.

9.2 Fixed Issues

Amazon S3 Cloud

  • SQLSAFE-14621 Restore operations are performed successfully on Amazon Cloud Storage.

Availability Group

  • SQLSAFE-14534 The License Key Manager and Repository and Management Service Settings are now identifying and displaying properly the Availability Group Listener Name registered at installation.
  • SQLSAFE-14850 There are no delays when performing simultaneous Backup operations on Availability Group instances.
  • SQLSAFE-14852 The SQL Safe Agent is running properly on the Availability Group listener.

Azure Cloud

  • SQLSAFE-14704 Restore operations are working properly on Azure Blob Storage.


  • SQLSAFE-14820 The Backup time and compression on TDE-enabled databases are working properly.
  • SQLSAFE-14866 Information about Pre/Post Backup commands is displayed now in the Option section of the Summary tab.
  • SQLSAFE-14006 There is no FileStream error message for any Backup operations performed for any databases.
  • SQLSAFE-14684 The Mount VDB and Object Level Recovery operations are now working properly for Differential Backups.


  • SQLSAFE-14328 The Location Path is not altered when changing a Policy compression type.
  • SQLSAFE-14840 Users can now edit successfully existing policies.

SQL Safe Backup/Restore

  • SQLSAFE-14699 Users can now perform Backup and Restore operations of more than one backup file from multiple locations.
  • SQLSAFE-13044 Backup and Restore operations are successful with SQL Server Multi-Subnet Clustering.

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