IDERA SQL Secure provides the following new features and fixed issues.

4.3 New features

  • SQL Secure allows you to schedule snapshots at the policy level, which lets you apply them to multiple instances.
  • SQL Secure allows you to add system-supplied or user-specified certificates to the whitelist for the Certificate  private key were never exported security check

    The whitelist is already populated with the Microsoft certificates marked with NO-PRIVATE-KEY .
  • The Suspect SQL Logins report now includes 'Enforce Password Policy' and 'Enforce Password Expiration' information.
  • The Database Roles report now has an Only active employees filter that allows selecting Active, Disabled, or All AD accounts.

4.3 Fixed issues

  • The Suspect SQL Logins report correctly lists SQL accounts avoiding Windows NT accounts.

  • SQL Secure improved Snapshots performance for large databases.

  • Fixed an issue when performing a snapshot comparison containing certificate changes.

  • SQL Secure now shows the correct values for CLR SAFE_ACCESS and CLR Enabled security checks.

  • SQL Secure now contains the CIS for SQL Server 2022 benchmark. All other CIS benchmarks have been updated to their most recent available benchmark version.

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