IDERA SQL Secure provides the following new features and fixed issues.

4.0 New features

  • The SQL Secure Data Collector Job Keys allow you to manage snapshot collection jobs. Use this option to throttle the collector jobs so that they do not overload the SQL Server instance.
  • SQL Secure supports TLS 1.2 to send email requests to SMTP.

4.0 Fixed issues

  • SQL Secure enhanced the assessment's loading time; they no longer take several minutes to display information.
  • Snapshot collection on Availability Group Nodes no longer generates a file permissions warning message.
  • Snapshot collection completes successfully for a log-shipped database.
  •  The number of Stored Procedures in the Stored Procedures Encrypted details of the security check no longer differs from the number of Stored Procedures in SSMS.
  • SQL Secure no longer displays timeout errors while generating the Database Roles Reports.
  • Renaming and disabling sa login account no longer shows a "sa Account Not Disabled" security check.
  • "Public Server Role only granted default Microsoft permissions" security check shows the correct information related to Server Roles
  • The Snapshot Comparison Report no longer displays server changes when no changes have been made.
  • The User Permission Report works correctly with different collations set.
  • SQL Secure imports hidden instances using CSV files.
  • The Snapshot collection process completes successfully for imported instances using CSV files.
  • The Risk Assessment Report no longer reports the sa login account incorrectly.
  • SQL Secure no longer has issues with bulk email notification settings.
  • Renaming the sa login in a SQL Server instance no longer generates a false warning risk level in the 'sa account is not disabled' check.
  • SQL Secure enhanced the SQL Job Permission security check.

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