IDERA SQL Secure provides the following new features and fixed issues.

4.2 New features

  • SQL Secure now allows you to take a snapshot of your registered servers at once.
  • The Server Roles report now shows members from Windows groups.
  • The Database Roles report now displays the creation date of the database.

4.2 Fixed issues

  • SQL Secure successfully monitors a set of databases after taking a snapshot, avoiding the "Some databases were unavailable for auditing" warning.
  • SQL Secure now correctly labels log-shipped databases in standby/read-only recovery as "Databases Files" when running a snapshot.
  • Collation settings no longer cause a conflict between the audited server and what it is expecting to match.
  • "Backups compliance with RTO and RPO requirements" security check includes non-system databases that never had a backup, excluding system databases.
  • Now you can Install SQL Secure on a SQL Instance with a different collation, allowing you to work with not supported SQL Server Versions.
  • Database Roles report now shows results in alphabetical order.
  • The Database Roles report now displays the expected results of the selected databases.
  • SQL Secure correctly reports the "SQL Server Database Level Encryption" security check for Azure SQL Databases.

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