You can add new users, edit their information, or remove them by accessing the Manage Users option. To access this window, go to the Administration tab and click Manage Users

Adding a user

To register a new user click Add User in the Manage Users and specify the following information: 

  • User Name - Type a Windows account user name in the following format 'domain\username'. 
  • Role - Click the drop-down options to select from the following user roles: AdministratorRead Only, or User. For more information on each role, go to Users Roles. 
  • Email - Type the email address where the new user will receive notifications from SQL Enterprise Job Manager.
  • Session timeout - By default SQL Enterprise Job Manager has a timeout session of 30 minutes. If you want to determine a different time-out session, select this option, and specify the time-out of your preference. If you don't want your session to expire, unselect this option. 
  • Subscribed to All Critical Alerts - Select this option if you want the new user to receive notifications. Take into account that you must configure your SMTP server settings first in order to receive notifications. For more information on how to configure your email server settings, go to Configuring SMTP Server settings. 

Editing users

If you want to change users settings like email, timeout session, role, etc., select the user, then click Edit User. SQL Enterprise Job Manager opens a new window where you can modify the user's settings according to your requirements. 

Removing users

To remove a user from SQL Enterprise Job Manager, select the respective user, and click Remove User.

Keep in mind that only users with an Administrator role can Add, Edit, or Remove users.

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