SQL Enterprise Job Manager gathers information through a job collector that uses “batches” to collect data. The batches execution is a parallel process and it is possible to configure the number of batches and the number of instances per batch.

You can configure these settings in the configuration file available at %installationfolder%\IDERA\SQL\Enterprise Job Manager\CollectionService\SQLEnterpriseJobManagerService.exe.config.

In this file you can find:

    <!-- Collector Settings -->

    <add key="CollectorNumberOfBatches" value="3" />

    <add key="CollectorInstancesPerBatch" value="2" />

    <add key="IsCollectorAutomaticConfiguration" value="true" />

Where "IsCollectorAutomaticConfiguration" is true by default. When this automatic configuration is enabled, SQL Enterprise Job Manager reviews how many logical processors you have in your machine and creates the configuration based on the following rule:  

  • Number of batches = Number of logical processors * 2
  • Instance per batch = 2

If you want to perform a manual configuration you need to change the automatic configuration to "false" and SQL Enterprise Job Manager will use the values set in the collector settings. You can change these values according to your requirements.     

 You need to restart the IDERA SQL Enterprise Job Manager Collection Service for your changes to take effect.

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