The Configure Dashboard Views section allows users to customize the objects displayed in the Overview and Details view tabs of the IDERA Dashboard.   

Customizing the IDERA Dashboard Views 

  1. Click the Customize DBA Dashboard link and a dialog displays.
  2. In the Customize DBA Dashboard dialog you can try the following:
    • Hide/Show DBA Dashboard - You can choose to show the DBA Dashboard to all users, hide it, or show it to users with permissions in two or more products
    • Add or remove columns -  By using these options, you can customize how many widget columns you want to view in your Overview or Details tabs. 
    • Select View - Select if you want to apply the settings of this window to your Overview or Details tab. 
    • Add a Widget - Use the drop-down option to select the widget you want to add to your view. You can specify in which column you want the widget to be displayed.
    • Consider that the option Total Widgets automatically updates the number of widgets you selected for your view.  
    • Set column Width (%) - Specify the width percentage of each column and click APPLY. Note that all your column's width should sum up 100%.
    • Replace/delete/move product widgets - On each widget, you can perform the following actions:
      • Choose Another - Use the drop-down options to select another available widget to be displayed instead of the current one. Note that you can only replace your current widget with another that is not currently displayed on your view. 
      • Delete - Click the X icon on the upper right corner of each widget to remove it. 
      • Settings - Use this option to specify the default state for your widget on your view: Expanded or Collapsed
      • Move -Drag and drop widgets to order them according to your view requirements. 

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