Creating operators

If you want to add a new operator that will be notified in response to your alert, select Notify Operators, and click New Operator. SQL Enterprise Job Manager opens a new window for specifying new operators. 

On this window you can define the following fields:

  • Name - Type the name of the new operator.
  • Enabled - Select this option if you want the new operator to be enabled. When the operator is not enabled, no notifications are sent to the operator.
  • Email name - Type the email address where the operator will receive the notifications.
  • Net Send Address - Type the address/computer name to be used for sending notifications through Net send.
  • Pager email name - Type the email address to be used for the operator's pager.
  • Pager on duty schedule - Select the days of the week when the operator's pager is active. You can also specify at which times on workdays and weekends the pager is active.

Viewing Operators

You can view an operator's properties by selecting the operator from the operators' list and clicking View Operator. SQL Enterprise Job Manager opens a new window with all details registered for the selected operator. These properties are the same settings specified above when the operator was created. This is only a read-only window and you cannot edit any properties. 

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