You can also specify conditions that need to be met to run the task. These conditions, along with the triggers, determine whether the task runs or not. The task does not run if any of the conditions specified in this section is not met. 

There are three condition categories: Idle conditions, Power conditions, and Network conditions.  Go to the respective sections below to find out more about their respective settings:

Idle Conditions

Use this option when you want to run the task after the trigger is activated, only if the computer is in an idle state for a specific amount of time. You can specify the following settings:

  • Start the task only if the computer is idle for - use the drop-down options to select the amount of time that you want the computer to be idle in order to run the task. Use the option Wait for idle for to select the amount of time the Task Scheduler will wait to have an idle state
  • Stop if the computer ceases to be idle - select this option if you want to stop your task once the computer ceases to be idle. Choose Restart if the idle state resumes if you want to start the task again if the idle state resumes.

Keep in mind that the Task Scheduler service checks if the computer is in an idle state every 15 minutes

Power Conditions

Use these options to run the task when your computer is on AC power only and to stop the task when it switches to battery power. Select any of the following options:

  • Start the task only if the computer is on AC power - Your task will only run when the computer is on AC power. Choose Stop if the computer switches to battery power to stop the task if the computer changes to battery power
  • Wake the computer to run this task -When the trigger is activated, your task will wake your computer from a sleep mode to run the task.

Network Conditions

Use this option to start the task when Any connection is available after the task trigger is activated. 

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