The first section of the Job Chain wizard allows you to specify the general properties of your job chain. You can set the following information:

  • Job Chain Name - define a name for your job chain. 
  • Root Job Name - the root Job is the first job to run in your job chain. To define your root job you can use any of the following options:
    • Browse - use this option to search for a specific job in your environment.
    • Add new job - select this option if you want to create a new job as the root job for your job chain. This option opens the Job Wizard where you can specify your root job properties. 
  • Enabled - define if you want your job chain enabled or disabled.
  • Job Chain Description - type a short description for your job chain to help you identify its objectives, steps, and any other relevant information.

SQL Enterprise Job Manager does not allow you to duplicate Job Chain names.

After you specify these settings, go to Root Job Schedules section. 

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