What's new in 1.0.1

The following features are new in this release of Precise Workload Analysis for SAP HANA.

30S Timeframe

The 30S timeframe shows the data collected in last 30 seconds. This new timeframe allows you to look at statements that executed in the last 30 seconds, including long-running statements that are still running.

Some of the charts are not shown here because they are not relevant for this short timeframe.

Hana Statement Memory Utilization

The Hana Statement Memory Utilization feature shows the memory utilization of each HANA statement in the following areas:

  • TOP HANA STATEMENTS (Shown as a column)
  • HANA STATEMENT SUMMARY (Shown as a field inside the statement drill down)
  • MEMORY UTILIZATION OVERTIME (Shown as a chart inside the statement drill down)

For monitoring the memory usage of a HANA instance, the following configuration is required on the SAP HANA instance:

In the global.ini file, expand resource_tracking, and set the following parameters to On (the default setting is Off):

  • enable_tracking
  • Memory_tracking

You do not need to restart or these settings to take effect.

Support for HANA MDC (Multitenant Database Containers)

Workload Analysis for SAP HANA supports Multi-tenant Database Containers where multiple database containers can be installed on single HANA server. Each container is identified by its Tenant Database Name and can be monitored separately in Precise Workload Analysis for SAP HANA.

For more information about monitoring such an instance, see Installation Instructions.

Performance Enhancements

Multiple performance improvements have been made in the product to reduce memory footprint of the collector.

Licensing Update

Workload Analysis for SAP HANA 1.0.1 includes licensing changes that require new license keys, available from your IDERA contact.

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