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This  This step-to-step guide helps you through the process installation of the  IDERA Dashboard and  SQL Business Intelligence Manager Manager2.2.

Start your IDERA SQL Business Intelligence Manager installation

You can install the IDERA Dashboard and SQL Business Intelligence Manager 2.2 on any computer that meets or exceeds the product requirements.

To start installing install the IDERA Dashboard and SQL BI Manager:


To specify the SQL Server instance to install the Repository database onDatabase follow the next steps:

  1. On the Repository Database screen, specify the host SQL Server instance you want to use for the IDERA Dashboard Repository database.
  2. Type the name for the IDERA Dashboard Repository database.
  3. If your SQL Server environment uses SQL Server Authentication, select the respective checkbox and click Change to enter SQL Server credentials. By default, the IDERA Dashboard uses your Windows credentials when connecting to the Repository database.


    If you use Microsoft SQL Server Authentication, a new window displays where you can type the respective SQL Server login and password.

  4. Click Next