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Precise for J2EE v9.0 introduces the Monitor Settings dialog box to the user interface. This dialog box is recommended for configuring most of the common Precise for J2EE instrumentation. For details, see About configuring Precise for J2EE settings in the Precise for J2EE User Guide. In some cases, however, it may be preferable to manually perform specific instrumentation. This section describes these cases.


  1. Open the collector.xml file in the registry folder. Use this file to define a filter on an exception class name, using regular expressions.
  2. Edit the following tag:
    The default filter tag is:
  3. Run the relevant CLI command as it appears in step 3 of Instance registry or Cluster registry.

About configuring data filtering

To reduce the quantity of collected data and propagate mainly meaningful data, a filtering mechanism is used. This mechanism is used to filter nodes and invocations before loading the data into the PMDB.