When you add a database to audit, you can select the Default, Custom, or Regulation audit collection level. Use the audit collection level to control which SQL Server events you audit at the database level.

Default collection level

Allows you to collect the SQL Server events most commonly requested by auditors. This collection level audits the following activities and SQL events:

  • Security changes
  • Database Definition (DDL)
  • Administrative activities
  • Successful operations only (operations that pass the SQL access check)

Custom collection level

Allows you to select the specific activities and SQL events you want to audit on these databases. The Custom collection level is recommended for advanced users, or for cases in which only one type of data is required for compliance. Before using the Custom collection level, review the event data gathered by the Default collection level.


Configures your audit settings to collect the event data required by specific regulatory guidelines, such as PCI DSS or HIPAA. You can review a list of the collected events on the Regulation Guidelines window of the SQL Compliance Manager Configuration wizard. On the Summary window at the end of the wizard, click View the Regulation Guideline Details to review a summary of all the regulation guidelines applied to the selected database.

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