SQL Diagnostic Manager provides an unprecedented level of diagnostic information on the health, performance, and status of SQL Server instances across your environment. You can view, diagnose, and report on critical performance statistics from a central point of control. Using a unique agentless architecture, SQL Diagnostic Manager gathers diagnostic information in real time, keeping database administrators and managers informed by providing customized alerts. Easy to install and use, SQL Diagnostic Manager is an indispensable SQL Server management tool that benefits both experienced and junior database administrators.  

What is the IDERA Dashboard?

The IDERA Dashboard is a common technology framework designed to support the entire IDERA product suite. The IDERA Dashboard allows users to get an overview of the status of their SQL Servers and hosted databases all in a consolidated view, while providing users the means to drill into individual product dashboards for details. The IDERA Dashboard supports multiple copies of SQL Diagnostic Manager installations.

The SQL Diagnostic Manager web console is integrated with the IDERA Dashboard. It is designed to provide quick access to the overall status of your SQL Server environment to help diagnose any issues. The web console provides key information simply through dashboards and high-level views to a large user base such as IT, helpdesk, and DBAs. You can access the web console from any connected browser and grant access as you need. To learn more about the SQL Diagnostic Manager web console, visit Navigate the web console dashboard.

What is SQL Diagnostic Manager Mobile?

SQL Diagnostic Manager Mobile is a Web application that displays real-time SQL Server performance dashboards on a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. SQL Diagnostic Manager Mobile includes the IDERA Newsfeed technology. The IDERA Newsfeed is a revolutionary new way for DBAs and managers to collaborate, share knowledge, and keep close tabs on their most critical SQL Server issues.

SQL Diagnostic Manager identifies and resolves SQL Server performance problems before they happen. Learn more > >
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